Designs for Healing and Healing by Design...

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Healing Gardens

In the best of times flowers help us celebrate the joyous occasions in our lives. In more difficult times, we turn to plants to give us hope and inspiration to meet life’s challenges.

The role of plants and gardens in healing is ancient. For thousands of years gardens have been a place of restoration and recovery. They target healing the whole person; heart, mind, body, soul. As early as 3000 B.C. the Chinese were using medicinal herbs to heal and treat ailments. Gardening with wellness in mind has permeated ancient civilizations, monasteries, and cultures worldwide for ages. 

Within the past few decades, the medical community has been rediscovering the healing power of gardens. It has been shown that when exposed and surrounded by naturalistic environments, patients experience fewer post-operative complications, reduced need for pain medications, and shorter post-op healing times. Many hospitals and health care facilities are now incorporating green spaces and gardens into their surroundings. For an individual suffering from serious illness, gardens can be an important part of recovery by providing hope and inspiration. Using color, texture, sound, water, plants, and stones; these gardens help to bring about balance and wellness. Therapeutic gardens are proven to reduce stress, depression and pain; along with increasing patient well being and positive outcome.

Here, at The Floral Apothecary, we bring the concept of the healing garden to you in our customized arrangements. These designs contain a soothing mix of potted and arranged herbs, plants, and flowers, specific to your holistic needs. In addition to choosing plants and flowers based on their healing properties as well as form; we integrate a variety of other therapeutic garden elements by using rocks and gemstones, water, candles, sound, and color. This enhancement allows the balance seen in nature to be reflected in the designs. 

The Floral Apothecary creates arrangements for your personal needs. When you can’t get out to your garden, we’ll bring the garden to you.

Custom Healing Gardens

for your individual needs

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